A Letter From Ms. Stepowany

Here’s a letter written by Therese Stepowany after the Atlanta Walk in 2007.  This letter was written close to 8 years ago, but it tells the story of why we walk.  While Multiple Sclerosis has taken it’s toll on her body over the years, her positive attitude remains and is evident throughout the letter.  Thank you to all those who have supported us over the years and who continue to join us every year.  Together, we will find a cure for MS.


Hi Everyone!
    I just wanted to let you know that Atlanta’s MS Walk was yesterday and it was wonderful!  The day was perfect for being at Piedmont Park.  We arrived about 9:00 and there were already a lot of folks there, milling around.  Some were having breakfast, and some were just seeing old friends or relatives.  Caribou Coffee was there, offering coffee.  When Step went to the Caribou booth to get ours, he told the guy that he wanted a “Turtle Mocha,” and the guy made a funny sound when he was getting ours……Ha!  Einstein was there, too, handing out fresh bagels.
    Eric had gotten our team special matching blue shirts, so we were very chic…..Ha!  The MS drug companies all had reps there in booths, offering answers to questions, encouragement, and “freebies.”  There was music, and lots of positive energy.  I saw blue shirts everywhere, but a lot of other teams had matching shirts, too.  When the walk started, bystanders were treated to almost every color of the rainbow!  All our boys, and girls, except Ben, who did his walking in Charlotte where he lives, were there.  Step’s sister, Shaun was sick yesterday, but her husband, Leo, and son, Brian, who goes to Ga. Tech, were there walking with us.  Rachael, Eric’s new wife, had invited many of her family members, and they were there with us, too.  Robert had even dyed his hair orange, the new official color for MS, and I said it HAD to glow in the dark.  Scott and Robert took turns pushing my wheelchair, and we were joined by many family friends and old neighbors, as well as the boys’ coworkers, who also participated in the walk.  To see everyone there walking, and to know that they had worked hard to raise funds for MS, all in my honor, was enough to put tears in my eyes.  I am sooooo very grateful.
    Because I have MS, as did my Dad, raising money for MS research and all the wonderful local programs offered by the MS Society is a very personal campaign for me.  Researchers have been able to focus on the common goal of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  I have to believe that this goal is near.  It’s what helps me keep a positive attitude, and keep working to raise funds for MS.
    I want to offer all our friends and relatives who were at Piedmont Park with us in spirit, and who donated to the MS Society, on my behalf, a great big thank you.  You have no idea how much it means to me to know that you are cheering for me and others, and willing to donate to such a great cause.  It seems like more and more people I know are affected by this horrible disease.  Robert still has me beaten, with total money he has raised,  but I am slowly adding more donations to my totals. Every gift, both large or small, is important.
    With your help, we CAN put a stop to the dreadful disease.

Step It Out Against MS Walk Team